our mission

The mission of Compassionate Alternatives is to inform and empower patients, parents, caregivers, and medical professionals about the truths, science, and potential of medical cannabis.

Compassionate Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2018 to help serve patients in this new medical cannabis market. But our mission knows no geographic boundaries, and we exist to support patients in communities everywhere.

We have two main goals:

Financially Empower Patients in Need

Medical cannabis is now legal in over 30 states. For those with the means to afford it, this is a blessing to help aid or eliminate their conditions. Sadly, for so many, the cost of chronic illness or life-long disability has already taken its financial toll, and thus the cost of obtaining medical cannabis may be out of reach.

Our organization provides a financial bridge to patients in need. We cover the fees needed to obtain a caregiver’s license, the cost of the doctor's visit needed to receive a medical cannabis recommendation, and the purchase cost at the dispensary for the medicine itself.

Educate Everyone

Medical cannabis is steadily becoming accepted across our society for the many benefits it offers patients in need. But despite the strides made over the past decade, much misinformation and stigma still remain in the public discourse.

Compassionate Alternatives provides educational bridges for the general public in the form of several programs:

  • Educational Seminars and Social Events
  • Industry Expos
  • Our Curated Blog

our team

Emilie Ramach | Founder & CEO

Emilie Ramach is the Founder & CEO of Compassionate Alternatives. Driven by past personal health adversity, she has been a cannabis reform activist for the past decade. Emilie has been involved with various political campaigns and committees, patient education, and legislative policy discussions. As a mother, she focuses primarily on the research and advocacy of the benefits of pediatric use. Emilie is honored to use her knowledge to educate parents, patients, and medical professionals on the many benefits of medical cannabis.

Jessica Johnson | Operations Manager

Jessica Johnson is the Operations Manager for Compassionate Alternatives. Through the years Jessica has interned and volunteered with several local and national nonprofits. Meanwhile, her career journey has been spent in operations management and customer service. Those experiences, in combination with her dedication to cannabis advocacy and activism, inspired Jessica to join our team. Jessica is honored to help advance the mission and message of Compassionate Alternatives.

our affiliates

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