impacting patients in need

Medical cannabis is now legal in over 30 states. For those with the means to afford it, this is a blessing to help aid or eliminate their conditions. Sadly, for so many, the cost of chronic illness or life-long disability has already taken its financial toll, and thus the cost of obtaining medical cannabis may be out of reach.

Our organization provides a financial bridge to patients in need. We cover the fees needed to obtain a patient or caregiver’s license as well as the cost of the doctor’s visit needed to receive a medical cannabis recommendation*.

Compassionate Alternatives is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your gift tax-deductible as allowed by law.

how our program works

Step 1. Patient or caregiver applies for the program. Our criteria are simple:

  • Patient has a qualifying condition**
  • Family has a financial need

Step 2. Compassionate Alternatives issues a voucher debit card to the patient family.

We cover any expenses related to the doctor’s visit not donated by the clinic.

Step 3. Patient meets with a recommending physician to obtain:

  • Patient / Caregiver Registration
  • Doctor’s Recommendation

Step 4. Patient or caregiver visits dispensary to collect the medicine.

* Due to current Ohio state regulations, we are unable to provide direct financial assistance for the purchase of medical cannabis as had been our intention. It is our sincere hope that policy and legislative changes will allow us to do so in the future. Meanwhile, we will continue to help patients pay for their doctor’s visits (recommendations) and registration fees with the State.

** Our program is currently open to Ohio patients and their caregivers.

For more information about Ohio’s medical marijuana program, including patient resources, please visit the Ohio MMCP website or call 1-833-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627).

Last update: June 18, 2019