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My name is Emilie Ramach, the Founder of Compassionate Alternatives, and I want to welcome each of you to our new website!

Compassionate Alternatives is a place for patients and their families, medical professionals, industry professionals, and those who would like to learn about medical cannabis and alternative medicine.

For Ohio patients, dispensaries will soon open across the state. If you or a loved one have a qualifying condition, you will have access to all the wonderful medical benefits that cannabis offers.

If you are new to the world of medical cannabis and holistic health, I know you have many questions. We want you to feel welcome here, and know that Compassionate Alternatives was made for you.

For those of you who are industry professionals, I’d like to thank you for your support of our mission. We respect your experience in the industry and welcome you to join our cause. Together, we will do what’s best for our patients. Community over competition!

Why Compassionate Alternatives?

I founded this nonprofit to give us all a voice. Our mission is twofold: We advocate and educate the public on the benefits of medical cannabis and other alternative medicines.  We charitably assist patients who can benefit from medical cannabis but do not have the means or access.

We each have our reasons informing our passion for being here. Here are the reasons for mine.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, my close friend passed away, and I met one of the most incredible people in my life—all in the span of a few weeks.

A month before my son was born, I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder which primarily affects your thyroid function by causing your thyroid to become hyperactive. By the time I was able to see a specialist, he was amazed I was still alive. My resting heart rate was 120 BPM and my body was quickly shutting down. The specialist sent me in for emergency surgery to remove my thyroid.

After surgery, my body was a complete mess. I was only a couple months postpartum and was now missing a crucial organ. I was on five strong medications with severe bouts of depression, palpitations & heart arrhythmia, and fatigue.

I knew I had to find balance again.

Keep in mind that at this point in my life, I was a medical cannabis neophyte.

My Friend Kerry

A few days after my surgery, my best friend Kerry was diagnosed with very aggressive pancreatic tumors. In hopes to save my friend, I began reading everything I could about the latest cancer research, and I came across numerous articles on holistic healing. The most intriguing article to me was on the successes of Rick Simpson Oil with cancer.

I spoke with Kerry about the Rick Simpson Oil, and the successes reported in the recent studies. Kerry and I decided to give it a try. Within a week of Kerry starting this new oil regimen, I saw first-hand the healing mental and physical benefits of medical cannabis.

Kerry was himself again. He was able to travel, spend quality time with his girlfriend, and experience all the joys of life. But the most incredible part of it all, was that his tumors were rapidly shrinking.

Doctors quickly became suspicious. Kerry was terrified of losing his health insurance, his doctors, and his awesome new job in New York. He chose to stop his cannabis treatment and continued with traditional chemotherapy, and I didn’t blame him. That’s when the cancer came back even more aggressive and, within a few short months, took his life.

I visited my friend in hospice on Mother’s day. He looked at me and said with a whispered hoarse voice and tired eyes, “Emilie, you need to keep going.”

He died days later peacefully at home in his mother’s arms surrounded by family.

I saw the toll chemotherapy and radiation had on the physical and mental body. I saw the benefits that medical cannabis had in aiding his shrinking tumors and healing him.

Would medical cannabis have saved Kerry from pancreatic cancer?

Would it have saved my thyroid?

My Mentor

After we lost Kerry, I dove into medical cannabis research and began obsessively educating myself and anyone who would listen. Little did I know, that was the moment that would change my life.

Through my education process, I met my mentor. For the sake of keeping her identity sacred, let’s call her, Nancy.

Nancy helped me heal after my thyroid surgery. She gave me infused medical cannabis oils and tinctures. After about a month, I was able to wean myself off the medications the doctors had prescribed.

This phenomenal woman risked everything to teach me about medical cannabis and alternative medicine. Over the next several years, I traveled to and lived in several medical cannabis-friendly states. Nancy taught me how to cultivate (grow cannabis), process the cannabis plant and run dispensaries. Most importantly, I learned how to help heal our patients naturally—and I realized the critical need to fight for them and tell their stories.

I have seen miracles with medical cannabis and the patients who have experienced these life-changing miracles are strong. They are some of the most inspiring and determined people I have ever met.

Our Mission

With medical cannabis now legal in my home state of Ohio, I founded Compassionate Alternatives to give our patients a voice. Our mission has two major components:

Education: Our nonprofit provides educational seminars to further educate the public about the importance of medical cannabis and holistic alternatives. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing articles by scientists from around the world about some of the latest developments and insights into medical cannabis research.

  • We aim to educate and empower those who are able to be caregivers.
  • We aim to educate those who are elderly and those in nursing homes and assisted living.
  • We aim to educate individuals from all walks of life.

Financial Empowerment: In concert with our strategic partners, we financially empower those without the proper means or ability to gain access to the quality, life-saving medicine they need.

How You Can Get Involved

I’d like to personally thank all of you for being here on this journey. Here are several ways you can engage with our organization:

  • Please visit our contact page to sign up for our newsletter, to volunteer, write for our blog, or sponsor an event. We strive to fulfill any needs or questions you may have about this new and exciting industry.
  • Check out our event page for educational classes and seminars. Compassionate Alternatives also hosts bi-monthly canna network socials for you to connect with others in the industry and like-minded individuals. We strive to create a safe environment to learn from each other and find comfort.
  • Monthly donations of any amount are welcome and will financially empower families in need and help further our educational programs.

Thank you again for joining us on this mission to educate and empower our growing community. We are humbled and grateful for your support and outreach.

We are educating the world about medical cannabis—just like I promised Kerry I would do when I was watching him die. It is so others don’t have to.

Emilie Ramach, CEO and Founder


Emilie Ramach

Emilie Ramach is the Founder & CEO of Compassionate Alternatives. Driven by past personal health adversity, she has been a cannabis reform activist for the past decade. Emilie has been involved with various political campaigns and committees, patient education, and legislative policy discussions. As a mother, she focuses primarily on the research and advocacy of the benefits of pediatric use. Emilie is honored to use her knowledge to educate parents, patients, and medical professionals on the many benefits of medical cannabis.

Comments (2)

    Since, in my opinion, the people (patients) of Ohio have a need to know, and the Right to know, let this memo serve to advise said citizens that the issuance of a State of Ohio MMJ Card and entry into the Patient Registry, which, even though cannabis is now recognized by the State as ‘legal’ for Medicinal use on the State Level, not only infringes upon ‘certain ancillary portions’ of your 2nd Amendment Right (meaning if you are in the patient registry, you forfeit your Right to legally purchase a firearm unless you are willing to risk the charge of Perjury under Federal Law by falsifying the Federal ATF Firearms Transfer Form 4473…otherwise known as the ‘yes/no’ form. For anyone familiar with the form, be aware that it has been modified (in part due to the MMJ Initiative) to CLEARLY INDICATE that willfully supply false or misleading information is a Federal violation, and is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and/or a $250,000.00 Fine. Furthermore, you forfeit/surrender your ability to obtain/possess a CCW Permit.) I look for the Feds to set precedent if for no other reason than simply for the sake of reminding us that they really and truly don’t work for us, as the Founders so designed that they do.
    FURTHERMORE, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, if you currently receive SSDI Benefits and Medicare Health Insurance, which is issued on the Federal Level (or plan on filing for such benefits), that you jeopardize loosing BOTH benefits since Marijuana is STILL RECOGNIZED AS A SCHEDULE 1 NARCOTIC ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL.
    I obtained this information through an Attorney assigned by the State of Ohio’s AG’s Office working under the umbrella name of ProSeniors Legal Advice.
    To clarify, I contacted the AG’s Office to inquire as to how the MMJ card and Patient Registry might risk certain of my ‘inalienable Rights’ (call me paranoid, but I just don’t trust the Government, and never did, so I thought I would inquire before taking the leap, and I am glad I did.
    As it turns out (and I didn’t know this) since I am over 60 years of age, I am entitled by law in the State of Ohio to 30 minutes of free legal advice from an attorney assigned to speak on behalf of the AG’s Office (as it turns out, the attorney told me I am entitled to an ‘unlimited number’ of these free 30 minute appointments).
    Without intending to write a book here, because much territory was covered in my conversation with the attorney, in essence, the attorney told me of the inherent risks associated in obtaining my long awaited MMJ Card, since the issuance of the MMJ Card and associated enrollment into the Patient Registry Database is under the guidelines of State Law, whereas Social Security Disability Income and Medicare Health Insurance is under the Federal statute.
    I was informed that the Federal Government DOES IN FACT place great scrutinizing weight on issuing benefit money that may/will be used to purchase anything relative to marijuana (including doctor appointments and any dispensary product), irregardless of the fact that the issuing State has legislated the use of cannabis into legality. I was also informed as to how the Federal Government distributes their scrutiny based upon the nature of the disability, but since I personally consider what I was told to be of a sensitive nature, I will not elaborate further about that aspect on this forum.
    Ironically to note though that Medical Grade CBD’s however – the non-psychoactive constituent of the plant (again obtained only from a licensed dispensary and by being registered in the Patient Registry) – is not referenced. From everything I gathered, my assumption is that no thought was given to either the subject, or the language pertaining to the subject, but I am certain they will now catch that slip, so I anticipate many revisions to the Bill to be coming.
    Much more was covered in the conversation, but again, this is already turning into a book, so to cut it as short as possible, but yet still hope to inform, the bottom line is that the response to every question I asked the attorney (there were many questions) was a very non-committal and ‘definite maybe.’
    In other words, the attorney was telling me that these are good questions, and that the answers remain unclear since this is a relatively ‘new’ territory for the State to address. I mentioned that after so many years of moratoriums and delays, that I would have thought that certainly, by now, they would have done case study and learned beforehand from States who have legalized years prior to the State of Ohio. Not that it is any consolation to me, but the Attorney confessed that the Federal Scheduling of Marijuana is a shameful law, and that much revision is even desperately needed to the newly legislated law.
    In summation, the attorney left me with this advice: since this law is new and yet to be ‘tested,’ (in other words, since product is not even available yet, that not enough time has passed to cite any cases of anyone getting burned by the Feds, and that it is up to me to decide in either of my concerns, both forfeiture of certain aspects of my 2nd Amendment Right, as well as my newly legislated Right to the Medical Marijuana that I so desperately need in order to replace the toxic pharmaceuticals which have now permanently damaged my liver and kidneys, and that I have to make the personal determination in all cases as to which is more important to me, SSDI and Medicare, and 2nd Amendment Infringement, or the ability to legally purchase the much needed medicine from a licensed dispensary (bear in mind that I have a family to not only support, but also to protect and defend, so clearly, the Government has forced my hand in this matter. I do not intend to be one of their first precedent setting cases).
    In essence, I can opt to join the Registry, at which point I then run the risk of losing my Disability Income and related Medicare Health Insurance, or I can opt to risk losing my life due to the toxic Allopathic drugs that are currently killing me. Same choice applies to my 2nd Amendment Right issues. Damned if I do/damned if I don’t.
    As a footnote: a call placed to the Social Security Administration confirmed what I had been told by the Attorney assigned to speak on behalf of the State AG. I was told that they basically can’t give me a straightforward binary answer at this point because no case law yet exists in the State of Ohio since the law is newly established. Quite clearly, much overlooking of certain issues….or rather, little oversight and thought was given to these side-bar issues.
    So kids, I guess at this point you have to decide whether you want to roll the dice and run the risk of losing benefits and Rights…or not.
    Personally, my next task of the day is to sadly call to cancel my appointment with a CTR Doctor scheduled for this Friday….after coming this far, and waiting this long. I guess this is a ‘win’ for DeWine since he stated prior to the election that he would ‘pull the plug’ if elected. Turns out he doesn’t have to concern himself as the Feds just shortened the cord so that the plug doesn’t reach the outlet. Anyway, I thought the people of the State of Ohio should be made aware of this, especially since none of the local or State Advocacy organizations that should have been so empowered and enlightened, apparently haven’t been so.

  • So glad to see more help in spreading the word about cannabis. It is an uphill battle to remove all the bad stigma that has been generated by wrong information being printed here in the US for the past 80 years. People should be able to heal themselves naturally without breaking the law and have for thousands of years.

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