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Regulating Delta-8 and other Synthetic Cannabinoids in Ohio

What are Unregulated Synthetic Cannabinoids?

It is true that Ohio has a well-regulated, legal cannabis market. However, a flood of intoxicating, hemp-derived, synthetic cannabinoid products have made their way into hundreds of retail stores across the state. These products include both vapes and edibles, and their unregulated status makes them an existential danger to public health.

While regulated cannabis products are subject to a broad range of legal safeguards and quality assurance testing, these unregulated, intoxicating, synthetic cannabinoids (commonly known as Delta-8 or Delta-10) offer none of these safeguards to the consuming public. Among other threats, these products pose overdose risks that medical professionals may be unsure how to treat.

Dangers to the Public and Children’s Health

Despite these dangers, these products are easily and readily available from vape shops, gas stations, and convenience stores across the state, as well as numerous ecommerce sites online. This widespread availability encourages the growth of this gray market––most alarmingly, among minors.

Beyond their untested chemistry, most of these products are packaged in a way to make them attractive to minors by their use of vibrant colors and appetizing product names. Indeed, many of these products are indistinguishable from candy. It is critical that parents are aware of these products and learn to recognize the difference between a harmless snack and a dangerous, intoxicating, synthetic cannabinoid product.

Compassionate Alternatives calls on our fellow citizens of Ohio to lobby their State Representative and State Senator: Tell them that we want full regulation of all intoxicating, hemp-derived, synthetic cannabinoid products––just as we have a fully-regulated, legal cannabis market.